Sommelière (ソムリエール) vol 01-21

Associated Names
Grape Wine Expert
Author(s): JOH Araki
Artist(s): MATSUI Katsunori
Year: 2007
Sommelière tells the story of Kana, a poor orphan who works in a wine farm that is supported by a mysterious, charitable man whom she never met, known only as “Mr. John Smith”. One day, a messenger suddenly arrives with a proposal from Mr. Smith: Either work in a restaurant in Tokyo, or the farm’s funding will stop. Why is the charitable Mr.Smith suddenly threatening to stop supporting the farm? Will Kana accept the proposal? And what does fate have in store for her in Tokyo?

Sommeliere v01-03.rar – 349.9 MB
Sommeliere v04-06.rar – 163.9 MB
Sommeliere v07-09.rar – 202.5 MB
Sommeliere v10-12.rar – 258.9 MB
Sommeliere v13-15.rar – 199.6 MB
Sommeliere v16-17.rar – 144.7 MB
Sommeliere v18.rar – 103.8 MB
Sommeliere v19.rar – 102.3 MB
Sommeliere v20.rar – 83.2 MB
Sommeliere v21.rar – 74.9 MB
Sommeliere v01-03.rar
Sommeliere v04-06.rar
Sommeliere v07-09.rar
Sommeliere v10-12.rar
Sommeliere v13-15.rar
Sommeliere v16-17.rar
Sommeliere v18.rar
Sommeliere v19.rar
Sommeliere v20.rar
Sommeliere v21.rar

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