Lagoon Engine (ラグーンエンジン) vol 01-07


Yen and Jin are brothers in elementary school and successors in the Ragun family craft of defeating evil spirits. In this world, the battle with spirits comes down to a game of guessing your opponent’s “name.” Once you know the name you gain control over the fight. Both Yen and Jin have secret names only they know … and must keep them secret or risk death!
Author(s): SUGISAKI Yukiru


depositfiles Lagoon_Engine_v01-03.rar Lagoon_Engine_v04-05.rar Lagoon_Engine_v06-07.rar
uploaded Engine v01-03.rar Engine v04-05.rar Engine v06-07.rar
turbobit Engine v01-03.rar.html Engine v04-05.rar.html Engine v06-07.rar.html

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