Yuri Hime Wildrose (百合姫 Wildrose)vol 01-06


Associated Names
百合姫 Wildrose
Volumes of steamy yuri one-shots.
Volume 1:
• Suki Tokidoki Kiss
• Ichiban Sukina Hito
• Arcadia ~Flowers of Paradise~
• Girls’ Union
• From Your L-I-P-S
• Hao!
• The Greenhouse Witch
• Sweet Little Devil (NANZAKI Iku)
• Blue (HAYASE Hashiba)
Contains a Yuri Hime Art Collection
Volume 2:
• Onshitsu no Himitsu (Greenhouse Secret)
• Girls Study
• Tojitete ne, Kokoro (Keep Your Heart Closed)
• Yurete Hazunde (Bounce and Sway)
• Heart And Soul
• Love and SeX
• Teacher’s Pet
• Neko ni Naritai (I want to be a cat)
Volume 3:
• Sweet
• Netemo Sametemo (Whether Sleeping or Awake)
• Closet Daisakusen (The Great Closet Operation)
• Sweet Sweet Honey
• Love Prep Room
• Sweet Exercise
• Otonato Kodomoto
• Time
• Shoujo no Hyouhonshitsu (Maiden Repository)
Volume 4:
• Atatamemasuka (Is That Warming You Up?)
• Only A Secret From Her
• My Girlfriend
• Seiya no Agape (Christmas Eve Agape)
• Our Future Plans
• I Love You My Girl
• Sugar Complex
• Hana no Shishuu, Mitsu no Hari
Volume 5:
• Love Potion
• Amai Futari (Sweet Girls)
• Osoroi
• Doctor, Stop!
• I Don’t Know if This is Love
• Koi no Iinari (Slave to Love)
• Makka na Onna no Ko (Blushing Girl)
• Bed Made Matenai!
• Promise
• Your Love
• Sweet Examination
Volume 6:
• Dream Story
• Gravity
• Honey Inferno
• Houkago Berry Girl (After School Berry Girl), by Saida Nika
• Five-second Love, by Serio Yuzuha
• The Fragrant Sea Breeze

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Yuri Hime Wildrose v06.rar

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