Orfina Saga(オルフィーナサーガ) 01-08

Associated Names
Continuing on where the original series left off, it’s back to character ATTRITION as familiar and endearing characters are revived and summarily executed in a race to put an end to the Granza-Cordea War.
Having lost Shisun at the end of the original series, Faana (aka Princess Orfina) was left traumatised and demoralised by the scale of the conflict. Everything and everyone she loved and held dear had been lost during the assault on Fort Malga. The few friends and allies Orfina had pulled her out of the broken fortress and placed her in the care of a nearby convent where she assumed the role of Sister Maria. What will become of the Granza-Cordea Conflict? What solution would Orfina use to end this bloody and attrocious war?
Orfina Saga v01-02.rar – 110.3 MB
Orfina Saga v03-04.rar – 131.9 MB
Orfina Saga v05-06.rar – 137.1 MB
Orfina Saga v07-08.rar – 87.5 MB
Orfina Saga v01-02.rar
Orfina Saga v03-04.rar
Orfina Saga v05-06.rar
Orfina Saga v07-08.rar

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