Higanjima: Saigo no 47 Hiai (彼岸島 最後の47日間) vol 01-06


Associated Names
彼岸島 最後の47日間
Higanjima – Saigo no 47 Himei

As promised, here is the sequel: A young couple finds themselves stranded on the island after their ship was attacked by monsters and find themselves coming face to face with the islands vampires, and a swordsman intent upon killing them all…



Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v01.rar – 104.6 MB
Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v02.rar – 104.5 MB
Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v03.rar – 172.8 MB
Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v04.rar – 169.2 MB
Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v05.rar – 179.9 MB
Higanjima-Saigo-no-47-Hia-v06.rar – 170.7 MB

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