Capeta (カペタ) vol 01-32

カペタ 第01-32巻
Associated Names
Author(s): SODA Masahito
Artist(s): SODA Masahito
Taira Capeta was a 4th grader boy. He had lost his mother when he had been very little. Although he pretended to be tough in front of his father, actually he felt lonely. One day, his father brought junk parts home from his workplace and made a racing kart. Soon, they went to a circuit to drive the kart. However, Capeta found that its frame was bent and it could hardly run straight. But, with his technique he managed the kart. Furthermore, he followed soon after the fast kart and he could nearly leave it behind. The driver in the kart was Minamoto Naomi, the champion of the East Japan Junior Kart. Looking at their chase, Naomi’s mother, Minamoto Nanako, advised Capeta to take part in the official race.
Capeta v01.rar – 53.6 MB
Capeta v02.rar – 52.1 MB
Capeta v03.rar – 53.0 MB
Capeta v04.rar – 61.5 MB
Capeta v05.rar – 62.8 MB
Capeta v06.rar – 73.3 MB
Capeta v07.rar – 85.5 MB
Capeta v08.rar – 75.7 MB
Capeta v09.rar – 55.7 MB
Capeta v10.rar – 87.8 MB
Capeta v11.rar – 82.1 MB
Capeta v12.rar – 74.6 MB
Capeta v13.rar – 75.5 MB
Capeta v14.rar – 110.5 MB
Capeta v15.rar – 110.8 MB
Capeta v16.rar – 59.3 MB
Capeta v17.rar – 105.7 MB
Capeta v18.rar – 106.8 MB
Capeta v19.rar – 78.6 MB
Capeta v20.rar – 73.7 MB
Capeta v21.rar – 74.5 MB
Capeta v22.rar – 94.8 MB
Capeta v23.rar – 105.7 MB
Capeta v24.rar – 109.9 MB
Capeta v25.rar – 112.0 MB
Capeta v26.rar – 106.1 MB
Capeta v27.rar – 101.8 MB
Capeta v28.rar – 127.8 MB
Capeta v29.rar – 123.0 MB
Capeta v30.rar – 63.1 MB
Capeta v31.rar – 117.2 MB
Capeta v30b.rar – 128.5 MB
Capeta v31b.rar – 139.4 MB
Capeta v32.rar – 158.3 MB
Capeta v01.rar
Capeta v02.rar
Capeta v03.rar
Capeta v04.rar
Capeta v05.rar
Capeta v06.rar
Capeta v07.rar
Capeta v08.rar
Capeta v09.rar
Capeta v10.rar
Capeta v11.rar
Capeta v12.rar
Capeta v13.rar
Capeta v14.rar
Capeta v15.rar
Capeta v16.rar
Capeta v17.rar
Capeta v18.rar
Capeta v19.rar
Capeta v20.rar
Capeta v21.rar
Capeta v22.rar
Capeta v23.rar
Capeta v24.rar
Capeta v25.rar
Capeta v26.rar
Capeta v27.rar
Capeta v28.rar
Capeta v29.rar
Capeta v30.rar
Capeta v31.rar
Capeta v30b.rar
Capeta v32.rar

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