Xblade (XBLADE刀) vol 01-12

Associated Names
Cross Blade
Author: IDA Tatsuhiko
Artist: SHIKI Satoshi
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Four years ago, a large scale disaster in Tokyo claimed two million lives. The remaining thirteen districts of the city were isolated into the Tokyo Barricade Zone. Morisaki Harumi, an unruly kid with great fighting strength, is his family’s sole survivor from the incident.
One day, in a traffic accident, Haru gets pulled into a world of violence and meets Mana, the girl who turned herself into an ancient sword.
XBlade v01-02.rar – 124.8 MB
XBlade v03-04.rar – 102.9 MB
XBlade v05-06.rar – 113.5 MB
XBlade v07.rar – 60.9 MB
xblade v08.rar – 60.6 MB
xblade v09.rar – 60.8 MB
xblade v10.rar – 63.0 MB
Xblade v11.rar – 58.6 MB
XBlade v12.rar – 64.6 MBhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1Jw2fzSntT0/TZ8gVgB9lLI/AAAAAAAABck/InakVCPWF34/w300/newicon.gif
XBlade v01-02.rar
XBlade v03-04.rar
XBlade v05-06.rar
XBlade v07.rar
xblade v08.rar
xblade v09.rar
xblade v10.rar
Xblade v11.rar
XBlade v12.rarhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1Jw2fzSntT0/TZ8gVgB9lLI/AAAAAAAABck/InakVCPWF34/w300/newicon.gif

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