Tableau Gate (タブロウゲート) vol 01-07

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High school student Satsuki Hikawa lives alone in a mansion while his grandfather, who is his only other living family member and an art dealer, travels all over the country. One day Satsuki’s grandfather sends him an art book that is called Tablet. Each page in the book seems to represent different tarot cards, but most of the symbols are missing. Soon after receiving the book a mysterious girl storms in to Satsuki’s home and claims that she is the owner of the Tablet and tells Satsuki all of the missing symbols must be found and returned to the book before “they” make any mischief. In order to find and return the symbols, Satsuki must call out the right symbols to defeat the escaped ones. Any symbols that he returns to the book will become his servants. Will Satsuki be able to find and capture all of the symbols that ran away?
Author(s): SUZUKI Rika

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