Hyouryuu Net Cafe (漂流ネットカフェ) vol 01-07


Associated Names
Drifting Net Cafe
Drifting NetCafe
Hyouryuu Internet Cafe
It all started with a “net cafe.” The hero Toki Koichi is a soon-to-be father leading a complacent life. One day, he happens to stop by an internet cafe, and there he bumps into Kaho, his first love from his junior high school days. Having just fought with his wife, Koichi’s heart is filled with his old feelings. All of a sudden, a strange wave flows through the computers and cell phones in the net cafe, and the entire place blacks out, just before rain begins to pour outside. Unable to leave safely, both Koichi and Kaho stay overnight at the net cafe. The next morning, when they step outside, they find the world is completely different. Koichi is determined to find out why the entire cafe has transported him to a different world, and to return to his family in the original world. As he fights against various fears and tries to solve the mystery, people start to disappear one after another. Can they all survive through such a crisis!? And what is the secret of his first love with Kaho!?
Action Mystery Romance Sci-fi Seinen
OSHIMI Shuuzou
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v01.rar – 102.3 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v02.rar – 75.8 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v03.rar – 103.7 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v04.rar – 102.6 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v05.rar – 86.3 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v06.rar – 79.4 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v07.rar – 77.7 MB
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v01.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v02.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v03.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v04.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v05.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v06.rar
Hyouryuu Net Cafe v07.rar

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