Gaku (岳 -ガク) vol 01-18


Associated Names
岳 みんなの山
Gaku – Minna no Yama
Peak – Everyone’s Mountain
Shimazaki Sanpo loves mountains. He loves them so much he calls himself a mountain-man and lives in the alpines, lending his hand as a volunteer in a rescue team, finding people, dead or alive, in the Japanese alpines. The alpines can be a beautiful place, but it’s also a dangerous, dangerous place.
Author(s): ISHIZUKA Shinichi
Year: 2005
Gaku v01-03.rar – 255.5 MB
Gaku v04-06.rar – 255.7 MB
Gaku v07-08.rar – 156.0 MB
Gaku v09-10.rar – 139.4 MB
Gaku v11-12.rar – 158.0 MB
Gaku v13.rar – 104.1 MB
Gaku v14.rar – 101.6 MB
Gaku v15.rar – 136.4 MB
Gaku v16.rar – 138.8 MB
Gaku v17.rar – 97.0 MB
Gaku v18.rar – 105.9 MB
Gaku v01-03.rar
Gaku v04-06.rar
Gaku v07-08.rar
Gaku v09-10.rar
Gaku v11-12.rar
Gaku v13.rar
Gaku v14.rar
Gaku v15.rar
Gaku v16.rar
Gaku v17.rar
Gaku v18.rar

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